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Flies Control Service in Scarborough,


Pest Control Guard gets rid of your home’s fly problem completely. Call us and protect your home from fly invasion and the many diseases carried by them.

Flies Control Service in Scarborough ON

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Flies Control Scarborough ON

What are Flies?

Flies are the most common and unsanitary insects that can infest your homes. They are typically brown to black in color with sizes ranging from 3mm-6mm. There are many different species of flies. Flies are found in moderate temperatures where humans and animals live.

Flies typically have a large pair of compound eyes and a mobile head with antennae designed for lapping and sucking. They also have claws and pads on their feet which enable them to cling to smooth surfaces.

Flies breed and lay their eggs in moist places like garbage, animal feces, and compost. For example, places like horse stables and dog kennels are prime sources of fly infestations. In a lifetime, an adult female housefly can lay up to 2,400 eggs and the egg can hatch into larvae in a single day. In warm temperatures, it only takes 8 days for larvae to become adult flies!

What are some common types of flies?

Most Canadian homes will find three common types of flies invading their home.

1. House Flies

This is the most common fly found in and around Canadian homes. House flies are not only bothersome creatures but also potential disease carriers. Although house flies have short lifespans, they can quickly reproduce in large numbers, leading to fly infestations if not identified and controlled.

2. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies typically invade our homes during the summer. They get their common name from their small size and fondness for some fruits. Besides being annoying, fruit flies can be vectors for diseases. These are really small flies about 1/8th of an inch with an oval body and a light brown color.

3. Cluster Flies

This is a seasonal pest found throughout Canada and the United States. They are slightly larger and thinner than house flies at 3/8 of an inch. They are a dull gray color with golden hairs and a gray checkerboard pattern on the abdomen.

These flies have a unique life cycle. There are four generations a year but only the late-season adults are considered pests when they move inside our homes during late summer or fall. Adult cluster flies feed on flowers and are not attracted to garbage, feces, or dead animals.

What are some common types of flies?

Flies are not only nuisance pests, but they are also dangerous because they are potential carriers of more than thirty diseases, bacteria, and pathogens. It is very important to efficiently control the spread of flies in your home for their potential to harm humans and animals.

For example, house flies are known to spread diseases like food poisoning and dysentery. Some other flies can inflict painful bites while feeding on the blood of humans and other animals, and some species transmit disease.

Filth flies often feed and lay eggs on garbage, manure, and carrion before contaminating human foods and food preparation surfaces by landing on them. They can also contaminate food and surfaces by defecating on them.

Fly types Scarborough

Signs of a Fly Infestation

Adult flies can lay about 100-200 lay at once which can hatch in about 24 hours. So a fly infestation can occur very quickly in your homes. Here are signs to look for:

  • Seeing a fly in your house is the most definitive sign. There can be different types of flies that invade your home, so it’s important to identify them to eliminate an infestation successfully.
  • The fly feces will pile up and look like clusters of black dots which can be found in clusters on windowsills, near sink drains, and around trash bins. This is a good sign of infestation.
  • However spotting maggots in your home, is a sure sign of a fly infestation. Typically, female flies look for moist, dark areas to lay their eggs like trash, rotting food, and manure. During an infestation, they can lay eggs in leftover food on the counter or on feces in the litter box. 
Fly Extermination

Fly Extermination Process

To start with we will inspect your home and identify the type and severity of fly infestation in your home. We will also provide a free quote and our certified professional team will also discuss the best methods to tackle your fly problem.

Our fly control experts will also conduct a detailed analysis of the property, assessing access points areas of attraction for the flies. We will identify the types of pesticides needed to solve your issues. At Pest Control Guard we use 100% biopesticides which are harmless for humans and animals.

If required, our team will also arrange for follow-up visits to ensure the complete removal of flies from your home. They will also advise you on how to prevent further infestations.


1. How much does it cost to hire fly control?

Fly control can cost approximately $175-$300 depending on the type of flies and also the severity of infestation.

2.Should I call pest control for flies?

Flies are notoriously known for fast-breeding, and they are liable to spread diseases. So in order to protect your home and family, it is important to call for pest control if your fly infestation gets out of hand.

3. How long does it take for pest control to work on flies?

In most cases, you can expect to see a noticeable reduction in fly activity within one to two days.

4. How do I prevent flies from getting inside my home?

You can use wire netting in your doors and windows to prevent flies from entering. You can also identify cracks and ripped screens that are big enough for flies to fit through.

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